California Academy of Sciences !

Riveropolis: March 24-April 23, 2023


Riveropolis Maker Camps '23

The San francisco School           Ecole Bilingue, Berkeley

#1 June 20-30  #2 July 5-14         #3 July 17-28

Water Science Workbook


  hands-on “pre-science” learning: properties of wood, water etc.

•  engages up to 25 children per session (30 if under 8 yrs.)

•  challenges kids to develop negotiation, collaboration & courtesy skills

For pricing & additional info go to: hire a river

Water moves swiftly in play rivers where young makers design and re-design boats, rafts and canals to direct the movement of floating objects. Play rivers are ultra-accessible and have an almost instantly transformative effect on children, including those with behavior or developmental issues. Minimum recommended play time is 45 minutes per group.

Social Play & Science River