California Academy of Sciences !

Riveropolis at Springfest: March 8-April 28, 2024


Riveropois hiring

industrial designer(s)

for 2024 six month "design charrette"



Riveropolis Maker Camp '24

The San francisco School June 17-28    

Our twentieth summer at SFS!


Two or three 6 month positions starting in late January/early Febuary 2024.

80% time, 130 hours a month

Join the Riveropolis team for a six month design “charrette’ aimed at developing improved Riveropolis water play prototypes to be showcased/tested in special event in August 2024. This is an in-person work opportunity and  will be conducted in the north Oakland Riveropolis Design studio and other Bay Area locations with exremely limited-to-nil opportunities for remote work.


- Team members will gain Riveropolis product knowledge through general studio assistance including maintaining, transporting, installing and facilitating current Riveropolis equipment.

-  Team members will gain intensive field experience facilitating and maintaining Riveropolis installed in the community including at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

- A core task will be to extract the knowledge of Riveropolis principle designer Gregory Gavin has gained through 25 years of experience designing and facilitating waterplay envrionments for children, families and adults.

- Once familiar with the Riveropolis mission and products, as well as competitors on the market, the team will  tackle nagging existing design flaws and potentially explore fresh concepts for water play designs.


Errands, procurement of materials, studio repairs, coordinating volunteers, working as an educator in summer camp, documenting (photo/video) Riveropolis events


- Skills and experience in some of the following: 3-D design modeling (both analog and digital), industrial design and fabrication. Possibly engineering, sculpture, installation art, carpentry or plumbing experience.

- Ability to assess priorities and complete projects independently.

- Sound-of-body and skilled at lifting and carrying heavy and awkward items.

- Background in education, community development and/or small business a plus.

$3,600-$4,300/month depending on experience (80% time)

Potentially work opportunity could continue beyond the end of the charrette in July for continued re-design, mass production, marketing and distribution of improved water play equipment for consumer and institutional clients.


Ongoing 50% time position, hybrid remote/on-site  (details and compensation to be determined)

Gain comprehension of Riveropolis/Gregory Gavin company mission/history and potential

for market expansion.  Examine and redesign Riveropolis business systems including

client management, cost analysis and marketing with the following specifics:

- reorganize Riveropolis archives and client management and accounting systems

- re-conceptualize web and email campaigns

- consult/collaborate with Gregory Gavin on social media & publishing projects

- explore/manage intellectual property opportunities

Please email resume, online portfolio and short cover letter to Gregory Gavin: info@riveropolis.com  



— More detailed job descriptions will be posted on Job seeking platorms in mid January 2024 —

This year Riveropolis plans to focus on a stem-to-stern redesign of the Play River with the aim of developing an easier to set up and maintain product intended for sale to institutional and consumer markets. To accomplish this Riveropolis plans to hire 2-3 individuals to first gain concentrated experience with Riveropolis in the field and then working in an industrial design capacity in our Oakland studio.