California Academy of Sciences !

Riveropolis at Springfest: March 8-April 28, 2024


Riveropois hiring

industrial designer(s)

for 2024 six month "design charrette"



Riveropolis Maker Camp '24

The San francisco School June 17-28    

Our twentieth summer at SFS!


Gregory Gavin, artist, inventor and educator has designed site-specific art installations for schools, museums, neighborhoods and public places since 1991.  Gavin’s projects, ranging from woodworking to filmmaking to interactive waterworks have engaged a broad diversity of

participants often to both create and exhibit work in public space. His projects have been particularly successful in overcoming the obsessive segregation of children, teen and adult activities into separate realms in a way that he  feels

damages the transfer of inter-generational knowledge and discovery.

Gavin has been commissioned by National Endowment for the Arts, the de Young Museum,

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Seattle Public Art Program, the Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize, and the Bay Area Discovery Museum. He teaches intermittently at the California College  of the Arts and is a California Arts Council Fellow.